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Did you ever want to know what your cat was really saying when it does its different types of meows?

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A new app claims it can.

A former Amazon Alexa engineer has developed the app called MeowTalk, BBC News reported.

The app works by recording the cat’s meows and tries to translate them, with the owner able to label the translation, creating an artificial intelligence database.

There are 13 phrases in its dictionary, like “Feed me” and “Leave me alone,” BBC News reported.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has a list of why cats meow and yowl. While they do sometimes demand food, the meows also include saying hello to their person, getting attention and, if a cat is old, signaling a potential mental confusion or other cognitive problem.

It can also differentiate between at least 10 cats, News Nation Now reported.

The end goal is to have the app sync with a smart collar that will translate the meows.

A beta version of the app is available in Apple’s AppStore. It’s also available in Google Play.