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CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. – A severe case of road rage left a man bloody and unconscious on the side of the road, and video captured part of it.

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In the police report, officers in Camden County, Georgia, said they were dispatched to a crash, and while on the way dispatch told them that a man involved in the crash said, “His wife has a hurt neck, I’m about to go beat his (expletive)” before hanging up.

Police said the suspect was driving in the left lane at 80 mph when the victim brake-checked him, leading to a minor crash, WJAX reported. When both vehicles pulled over, the two men began to fight.

Cellphone video shows the suspect, identified as Barry Yerdon Jr., stomp the victim’s head to the pavement, WJAX reported.

The video may be too disturbing for some, but you can see it at our sister station’s website,

In the report, the officer who arrived on scene said, “There was a white older male laying on the shoulder of the interstate with a pool of blood around his head and was not moving. He was on his back and had blood pouring from his ears, nose, mouth and the right side of his head.”

The victim, identified as Matt Oliver, was taken to the hospital. Oliver’s brother-in-law, Phillip Klapp, told WJAX that Matt currently can’t walk and will have to have physical therapy.

In the police report, the officer said Yerdon told him he went to Oliver’s car to get insurance information and Oliver threatened him with a knife. While deputies said they found a knife, it was locked in a case in the passenger seat.

“The guy who did this has a lot of angst in his heart,” Klapp told WJAX. “He should be charged with attempted murder when he went back and stomped on him again.”

The witness who recorded video of the violent scene shared it with police and told them he yelled for the man to stop the attack but was unable to intervene due to traffic on the interstate.

Police said they arrested Yerdon on multiple charges, including aggravated assault and aggravated battery.