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The investigation at the scene into why a car was buried in the backyard of a home in an affluent California community has been completed but police are still not sure why someone buried the car about 30 years ago.

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Police in Atherton, California, said that no human remains were found in the car or on the property, The Associated Press reported.

Landscapers found the convertible Mercedes-Benz filled with unused bags of concrete.

The car was removed from its resting place and taken to the county’s crime lab over the weekend.

Landscapers discover car buried in yard

Police also conducted a search of the property using ground-penetrating radar, but found nothing unusual or suspicious, the AP reported.

Cadaver dogs had presented slight indications of human remains when the car was first discovered, KNTV reported.

Police have not said who the car belonged to — they believe the owner is deceased but are awaiting ownership records to confirm it. They did say it had been stolen from Palo Alto in September 1992. They also didn’t say who buried it but said it was done about 30 years ago, well before the current owners bought the property, which is worth about $15 million.

The home was built by Johnny Lew around that time. Lew had been arrested for murder, attempted murder and insurance fraud and died in Washington state in 2015, a year after the home was sold, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Police did not confirm whether the car was owned by or connected to Lew, the newspaper reported.