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Charles Entenmann, who turned his family’s bakery into a grocery store staple, died at 92 while surrounded by his family.

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An obituary announced Entenmann died on Feb. 24, 2022. His son said Entenmann died of heart complications, CNN reported.

Entenmann was the son of a German immigrant who founded a bakery in Brooklyn, New York in 1898 and delivered baked goods door to door, ABC News reported. The business eventually moved to Long Island, and Entenmann took over the business, focusing on engineering and the technical aspects of the company, while his two brothers focused on sales and baking, ABC News reported.

When Entenmann’s father passed away, the family began selling their baked goods to supermarkets, introducing clear packaging so that customers could see the treats inside, NBC News reported.

Entenmann’s was sold in 1978 and is currently owned by Bimbo Bakeries USA, NBC News reported. In a statement, Bimbo Bakeries USA said, “Charles was instrumental in turning the Entenmann’s brand into a household name and we continue to build on the mission and legacy his family established more than 120 years ago,” CNN reported.

After leaving the baked goods business, Entenmann moved to Florida and founded Biolife LLC, which created technology to help seal wounds, ABC News reported.

Entenmann’s son revealed a secret about his father to Newsday, saying, “I am going to tell you something that’s been pretty much a secret, most of my life anyway. He didn’t eat Entenmann’s cake … he just wasn’t a dessert guy.”