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KISS have been making rock ‘n roll history for decades. It’s nothing new for them. But, the music world continues to be stunned by their heavy impact all these years later. Saturday marks the anniversary of yet another one of the band’s many milestones.

On Sept. 18, 1983, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Vinnie Vincent and Eric Carr showed a new side of themselves to the public. For the first time in the band’s legendary history, KISS appeared on television without their trademark face paint.

The band, unmasked, appeared for a televised MTV press conference. While the ‘80s were initially a tough time for the band, KISS’s popularity was revitalized after their bare faces graced MTV’s conference.

KISS would go on to write a dozen nearly a dozen more albums as the band’s career sprawled through the coming decades. Once just a band, now a rock legend, KISS continues to make headlines today.

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