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A New Jersey councilwoman has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident after hitting a cyclist in the middle of a Jersey City intersection last month.

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A video released by police appears to show Councilwoman-at-large Amy DeGise hitting a cyclist as she drove through an intersection in the city. The council member had the green light at the intersection.

A police report said DeGise left the crash scene without stopping. A city spokeswoman said DeGise later reported the incident in person to police.

Authorities did not say how much time elapsed between the crash and when DeGise reported it.

The accident happened on July 19.

The man who was on the bicycle, Andrew Black, went through a red light, according to the video, and was hit in the middle of the intersection. The video shows Black flipping onto the hood of the car following the impact and landing in the street.

Black said he had an injury to his leg.

According to a spokesperson for DeGise, the councilwoman said she hit her head in the crash and did not realize what had happened.

A spokesman for DeGise said the councilwoman would be making a statement sometime Tuesday afternoon, reported.

“Amy recognizes the calls that have been made for additional information and transparency,” he added. “She would very much like to address this situation more comprehensively, but there is a legal process that must play out first and she will not be making any additional public comment at this time.”

Click here to watch the video. The cyclist can be seen being struck by the SUV at the 59-second mark in the video.