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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – The advantage of having a doorbell camera connected to a phone is that the user can see who is at the door.


A Kansas man got a big surprise when he saw motion on the camera at his Overland Park home — a 4-foot rat snake.

Kyle Crane told KMBC he did not know what was ringing his doorbell. Figuring it was a lizard, he went outside to investigate.

“Not what I expected,” Crane said in a video. “It’s a rat snake just hanging out on my Ring doorbell. I thought it was a lizard. I saw some motion, and I was wondering how he got out here. Then I come out here, and I see we have a snake.”

Rat snakes are not venomous and are common to Kansas, KMBC reported. They kill their prey by constriction and can grow as long as 7 feet.

After getting over his initial surprise, Crane relocated the snake to a nearby creek, the television station reported.