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If you could choose the perfect age to be forever, what would it be? According to a new survey, the top answer is 36.

Here are few more interesting results from the survey. Surprisingly, 4 out 10 would NOT want to be in their 20′s again. 59% used to be obsessed with the aging process and 56% found it exhausting fighting getting older. Meanwhile 41% have come to terms with aging. More than half of those surveyed say they look 5 years younger and feel 6 years younger than their age.

According to many experts these are the best ways to slow the aging process.


  • Eating healthy – 61%
  • Exercising daily – 57%
  • Drinking water – 56%
  • Taking care of their skin – 54%
  • Maintaining their mental health – 51%
  • Taking care of what their body tells them – 46%
  • Maintaining emotional health – 41%
  • Keeping a routine – 26%
What is the perfect age to be forever?

— Doug O’Brien