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LANSING, Mich. – Two adorable new zoo babies arrived just in time for the nation’s birthday.

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According to WLNS-TV, Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan, welcomed two red panda cubs on July 4. The pair, born to second-time mom Maliha and father Deagan-Reid, “have been resting in an off-exhibit nest box under their mother’s care,” the zoo said in a blog post Monday.

“It’s a special privilege to welcome red panda cubs, and we are all thrilled,” Liz Jagenow, Maliha’s primary trainer, said in a statement. “Maliha has proven to be an attentive mother, and we are confident the cubs are in good hands.”

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The babies, which are born blind and deaf, won’t open their eyes until they are 2 weeks old, according to the blog post. Red panda cubs usually don’t leave their nest to explore until they are about 1 month old, the post added.

In the meantime, staffers will monitor the cubs and their mother via a camera inside their nest box, the zoo said. They also “will conduct regular weight and wellness checks in the coming weeks to monitor their growth and development,” according to the blog post.

The zoo has not yet released the cubs’ names or sex.

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