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VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – A man from DeLand, Florida, was allegedly caught on video pouring bleach into a coworker’s drink after an argument.

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According to WFTV, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said deputies were called out to a Dollar General store in Deland, Florida, Monday evening for a possible poisoning.

When deputies arrived at the store, the victim told them that he was arguing with a coworker whom he believed was holding a grudge against him. He then said he was drinking a soda from his lunch. According to WFTV, he went to use the bathroom and left the drink out. When he got back, he said he took a sip of the soda and tasted what he believed to be bleach or some other kind of cleaning supplies. He told deputies that he believed it was one of those items because he could taste it and smell it.

According to WFTV, the victim called 911 immediately. He then notified his manager and stored his soda until deputies arrived.

The victim said the suspected coworker he was apparently feuding with was a janitor at the store, later identified as Jerome Ellis, 48, according to WFTV.

According to WFTV, deputies reviewed surveillance video that allegedly showed Ellis pouring bleach into the soda once the victim went to the restroom. Ellis allegedly tried to wipe the can off with a paper towel and then placed it back where the victim had left it.

Surveillance video also allegedly showed Ellis trying to unplug the camera system, VCSO told WFTV.

According to WFTV, Ellis denied any argument with the victim at first and also said he accidentally spilled a cleaning solution near the can before wiping it up. Investigators showed him the video surveillance video and he allegedly admitted to pouring the cleaning solution.

Ellis was arrested and charged with poisoning food or water, as well as tampering with evidence. He is being held on $20,000 bond at the Volusia County Jail, according to WFTV.