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RICHMOND, R.I. – They say, “you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.” For one young animal lover, it’s more like “you can’t buy a horse, without selling some eggs.”

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Brandon Reasor has been raising animals over the past few months.

He has a virtual menagerie: three goats, 12 chickens, two turkeys and two rabbits living on his family’s Rhode Island property, WJAR reported.

Brandon, despite being only 11, takes care of all of them. He wants to eventually be a veterinarian.

He’s using a dozen chickens to add a horse to the group.

“My dad, he said if I wanted to get a horse, I have to get the money to get a horse,” Brandon told WJAR.

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He set up an egg stand. His dad built it and bought his son a deep freezer ice-maker. The ice-maker, his dad said on Facebook, is to make sure the eggs stay cold when summer starts heating up.

The eggs are for sale using an honor system. Brandon also sells ice.

“I collect the eggs, put them in a bucket, drive it up in the tractor and we got a ton of egg racks and we put them in there,” Brandon told WJAR.

He charges $3 a dozen for eggs and $2 for 8 pounds of ice.

Brandon has sold about 20 dozen eggs and has made about $70.

He also plans to sell vegetables once those he’s planted are ready, his dad shared on Facebook.

He needs about $5,000 to buy a horse.

Despite not yet having enough money to buy the animal, he’s already getting ready by clearing an area on their property so his family can build a stable when it’s time to welcome the latest member of the family.

His dad is also looking for a local farmer who can show Brandon more about farming, his father said on social media.