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SURFSIDE BEACH, Texas – A brave cat held its own after coming face to face with a coyote on the deck of a Texas beach house, and the life-and-death struggle was caught on camera.

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The fighting feline was caught on the surveillance camera of Tony Gray at his Surfside Beach home, KTRK-TV reported.

“Someone almost lost a cat,” Gray wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday.

The nearly two-minute video shows the coyote lunging at the cat, who was scrambling under a lawn chair on the deck, the Houston Chronicle reported. While the coyote was the aggressor, the feisty cat still managed a couple of swipes and hissed in its defense.

When the tabby jumped on a fence, the coyote grabbed it by the animal’s tail and pulled it down, KHOU-TV reported. The cat managed to break free and scrambled up a column and held on, the television station reported.

Gray said he was awakened by the fight and witnessed part of the attack. He said he banged on a window to scare the coyote off the deck, KHOU reported.

“I’ve never seen one before, never experienced them,” Gray told the television station. “I’ve heard about rabies so I didn’t want to introduce myself to a situation where I got hurt.”

The cat, which did not belong to Gray, did not appear to be injured.

“They say they have nine lives,” Gray told KHOU. “So I hope he’s got eight left.”