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It never fails. Thanksgiving morning you realize that you forgot something on your shopping list. You have to search to find out what stores are open near you on Thanksgiving Day. Then you make the trek in your holiday “bum bums” along with the rest of the 61% who did the same thing. These are the top items that are on the Thanksgiving Dinner Most Forgotten List.

  • Cranberries (33%)
  • Fragrant Spices (such as Thyme) (30%)
  • Napkins (23%)
  • Beverages (21%)
  • Pumpkin Spices (20%)
  • Pie crust (20%)
  • Potatoes (17%)
  • Plates (16%)
  • Table and autumn-specific decor (15%)
  • Candles (14%)

A survey from also revealed that just over half of us (52%) lie about making the dinner rolls from scratch. Also, 1 out of 10 swear they aren’t cooking the big meal next year. But, the most interesting part of the survey shows that the number 1 item we DON’T forget is – ALCOHOL!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

— Doug O’Brien