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GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas – A Texas woman who noticed foster children kept their belongings in trash bags started collecting suitcases for them to use instead.

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“My daughter is a foster parent,” Kathy Adler told KTVT. “And she kept seeing that they were bringing their clothes in a trash bag… and it just doesn’t feel right for a child to have their belongings in a trash bag! It’s just not right.”

So Adler started reaching out to others in the community asking for secondhand suitcases. She had more than 100 suitcases within a few days. One neighbor shipped her a new one.

Adler was grateful for the overwhelming support.

“My heart is overflowing. I can’t believe there are so many generous people in Grand Prairie,” Adler said. “Any time you help someone else, it just makes your heart want to melt. I mean it’s just exactly what you need for being depressed during COVID.”

Adler borrowed a van and filled it with the suitcases to donate.

“I can imagine the smiles on their faces when they see something important – and they feel like a traveler now,” Adler said. “They have this beautiful suitcase and it’ll make them feel special and important –and that’s really what it’s all about.”