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ENGLEWOOD, Fla. – A Florida man learned a tough lesson when he was bitten as he tried to move a 4-foot alligator camped under a U-Haul on Tuesday.

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Florida Wildlife Commission officials said they received a call at about 10 a.m. in the Englewood East neighborhood of Englewood, WINK-TV reported.

Auzjia Dickerson, who called 911, told the television station that she discovered “a gator in the carport,” according to the television station.

“I’m here just moving out of my house and there’s a gator in the carport,” Dickerson said.

The U-Haul was parked in the carport, and Dickerson said she was startled by the reptile.

“At first, I kind of freaked because I didn’t know what to do,” Dickerson told WINK.

Dickerson then asked her neighbor to help.

“He’s a dog trainer. So, he came out with like gloves and a sweatshirt,” Dickerson told the television station. “Like he kind of knew what he was doing. But it was fast. He moved too fast. It just didn’t go well.”

The agitated alligator bit the man’s arm, WBBH-TV reported.

“Someone had a broomstick, and they use the broomstick to help pry open the gator’s mouth so he (neighbor) could get his arm out,” Dickerson told WINK.

“A contracted nuisance alligator trapper was dispatched and removed the alligator from the premises,” the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said in a news release.