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Apple customers who bought certain older-model iPhones have until Oct. 6 to submit claims for about $25 per phone.

According to CNN Business, the payouts are part of the company’s $500 million settlement of a class action lawsuit that accused it of slowing down older devices and apply to customers who purchased the following models prior to Dec. 21, 2017, and experienced performance issues:

• iPhone 6

• iPhone 6 Plus

• iPhone 6s

• iPhone 6s Plus

• iPhone 7

• iPhone 7 Plus

• iPhone SE

Impacted users must submit a claim online or via mail no later than Oct. 6, and owners of multiple affected iPhones can submit multiple claims, though the amount of the final payments is expected to fluctuate based on the number of claimants.

Apple still denies any wrongdoing in what became known as “Batterygate,” a user-led investigation into whether the company was intentionally slowing down processing speeds on older models to nudge customers toward upgrades. The company argued the phenomenon actually boiled down to issues with older lithium-ion batteries that would make the phones suddenly shut down to protect their components, Popular Mechanics reported.

To file a claim:

• Click here to reach the website handling the claims.

• Click the “Submit a Claim” tab at the top of the page on the left-hand side.

• Enter the serial number(s) for the device(s). If you are uncertain of the phone’s serial number, scroll further down the page and fill out the empty fields to search a database for your personal device.

The settlement website also notes that to be considered a part of the settlement class your phone must have been running a designated version of iOS outlined in the settlement: iOS 10.2.1 or later for the 6 and SE variants or iOS 11.2 or later for the 7 variants. Claimants must also have been living in the United States at the time and experienced diminished performance.

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