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This new mom has had enough! According to a tweet, Maren Morris has been receiving a lot of backlash on social media for her parenting. The multi-CMA Award-winning artist gave birth to baby Hayes Hurd back in March and has been pushing through the newborn months during the quarantine. She has shared a few photos with us on Instagram of her precious boy, including one from memorial day weekend where she was sipping champagne and holding her son. That photo has since been deleted, along with every other photo she posted of him. About a week ago, the new mom posted the photo below of her on a large float, in shallow lake water, with her son. She got many comments about how it was unsafe and questioning where his life jacket was. This was the final straw for Maren…

A few fans defended her on social media and tried to get others to stop shaming Maren’s parenting, but Maren just had enough of it all. The photo above has a comment limit on it, and the rest of the photos on her Instagram account that had her son in them, have been deleted. She also says she is at the point that she no longer wants to share ANY photos of her son in the future.