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TAMPA, Fla. – These things happen.

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In the euphoria of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning Super Bowl LV on Sunday night, a Tampa television station put the wrong information on a teaser that crawled across the bottom of the television screen. While the Bucs won the game, the crawl indicated otherwise.

WTVT, a Fox affiliate in the Tampa Bay area, was reporting the Buccaneers’ 31-9 victory against the Kansas City Chiefs at Raymond James Stadium. As Fox 13 reporter Haley Hinds did a standup outside the stadium, the crawl noted that “Bucs Fall to Chiefs in Historic Home Super Bowl.”

The game was certainly historic, but the Bucs — the first team to play a Super Bowl in its home stadium — were the winners.

The reporter was unaware of the gaffe from the control room.

The trailer was only on the television screen for several seconds, but it was there long enough for several people on social media to comment.

“OK, I think someone picked the wrong subtitle here,” one Tampa Bay area person wrote on Facebook.

It was Dewey beats Truman, NFL style.