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Subscriptions are not just for magazines and gym memberships anymore. They’re also for tacos if Taco Bell has its say.

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The taco restaurant is starting a Taco Lover’s Pass at almost 20 locations, limited to the Tuscon, Arizona area, CNN reported.

For between $5 and $10 a month, depending on the location, foodies can get a taco a day for 30 days as part of a subscription-based service, CNBC reported. You don’t have to choose just a normal plain soft taco; consumers can choose between soft tacos, a spicy potato soft taco, crunchy tacos and Doritos tacos.

It’s an app-based program being tested out until Nov. 24.

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Taco Bell isn’t the only company trying out a subscription-based service.

Panera has an $8.99 monthly program, for coffee lovers that gives them their daily jolt of joe, CNN reported.

Burger King tried a similar program, but it didn’t last.

Taco Bell executives hope that the subscription system will coax people into ordering more than just the prepaid taco that they signed up for, and turn its casual customers into regular visitors.

Taco subscription

FILE PHOTO: Taco Bell locations in Tucson, Arizona, will be testing out a new taco subscription service.