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ST. MATTHEWS, Ky. – Residents in a Louisville suburb have come up with a not-so-nutty way to slow down drivers. The neighbors have created a squirrel crossing and have posted signs in their front yards, advising drivers about the furry creatures crossing the road.

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Pamela Jo Craig, of St. Matthews, said she enjoys watching the squirrels from her front porch. Realizing that her home was near a school and that many children were also possibly at peril from speeders, she took matters into her own hands and posted a sign.

“People go really fast down Winchester Road,” Craig told WHAS-TV. “I had to pick up quite a few squished squirrels. I thought … add levity and people will slow down.”

The street where Craig lives has been targeted by police. In February, St. Matthews police said they handed out 50 tickets during the month, WDRB reported. Even with beefed-up patrols, the speeding continued.

“It used to be Winchester Road. Now we call it Winchester Expressway,” Craig told the television station. “I’d love to have one of those little radar guns. I thought about sitting out here with my hairdryer.”

Drivers have noticed the signs, some of which read, “Stop ahead: Squirrel crossing,” WHAS reported. Craig said that some of the drivers have come to a full stop to say how much they enjoyed them.

Craig’s sign, placed near the road by her home, spawned more activity by her neighbors, WLKY reported. A neighbor then decided to draw a “squirrel crosswalk” in chalk in front of Craig’s home to guide the animals across the street, the television station reported.

The neighborhood now sports giant squirrels in yards, WDRB reported.

A sign in a yard down the road from Craig’s home reads, “Thank you! — The Squirrels,” WHAS reported.

“It’s entertaining,” neighbor Karen Martins told WDRB. “I don’t know that family at all, but I don’t know, we have our squirrel street.”