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First, it was toilet paper and bleach wipes, now Grape-Nuts is the latest product that is missing from store shelves.

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The 120-year-old cereal brand has been out of stock at some stores for months, USA Today reported.

Some Grape-Nuts fans were so worried that their go-to breakfast food was being discontinued that they went to social media to voice their concerns.

The company told USA Today this week that there were “absolutely no plans to discontinue Grape-Nuts cereal.”

The company is attributing the shortage on supply issues and higher cereal demand because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like other items that were the subject of shortages during the nearly year-long pandemic, people who could get their hands on the coveted cereal put the unopened boxes up for sale on sites like as a third-party seller, Amazon and eBay, up charging them to make a profit.

USA Today found a four-pound box selling for $110.

Amazon had third-party listings of more than $40 for two boxes, with a shipping charge of $16.14. A single box of Grape-Nuts, sold through Amazon Fresh, runs $3.69 if it is in stock.

The company expects Grape-Nuts to be fully back in stock by the spring, CNN reported.

The company tells customers, “Please know that our team members are working hard every day to safely produce and ship products to our consumers during this unique time,” a statement to consumers said. “We expect our [Grape-Nuts] to be available again at your favorite retailer in the next couple months,” CNN reported.

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