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PASADENA, Calif. – Chilling video from a home surveillance system shows a woman using a pickax to smash the windows of a California house.

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The video, shared with KTTV, shows a woman approaching a Pasadena home and then using a pickax to smash the front windows. The woman swings the pickax multiple times, shattering each window before moving to the next.

Video below courtesy of KTTV

The home belongs to Arman Tchoukadarian, who told KABC that he recently moved into the home with his family. Tchoukadarian told the station that his mother-in-law was inside the home babysitting his 6-week-old daughter, who was sleeping by a window when the attack happened.

“If my mother-in-law didn’t act as fast as she did, my daughter wouldn’t be here,” Tchoukadarian told KTLA.

Tchoukadarian’s mother-in-law was able to grab the child and move her away from the window just before it was shattered.

“The glass shards from these giant windows were literally double her size, (they) landed right in her bassinet where my daughter was laying,” Tchoukadarian told KTTV. “If she was five seconds late, my daughter would no longer be with us.”

Tchoukadarian told KTLA that the woman returned multiple times over the course of several minutes, breaking different windows each time.

“This is our brand-new home, we’re not even done building the house, and my wife my kid can’t even come home,” Tchoukadarian told KTTV. “They’re terrified, they don’t want to come home.”

Tchoukadarian told KCBS that after the woman finished destroying his home, she said “I’ll be back,” as she walked away.

Pasadena police identified the woman as Beverly Baker, 65, and told KTLA that officers arrested her at her home just a few blocks away.

“Police found her, nonchalant, walking with a pickax on her back, like she’d just finished working with it,” Tchoukadarian told KTLA.

Tchoukadarian told KTTV he estimates $20,000 in damage was done to his home.