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SOMERVILLE, Mass. – The mayor in Somerville, Massachusetts, has sworn off Boston’s largest beer after the company’s founder had dinner with President Donald Trump and thanked him for tax cuts.

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Mayor Joseph Curtatone tweeted Sunday in response to a story about Sam Adams’ founder and his comments at Trump’s dinner.

“I will never drink Sam Adam’s beer again!” Curatone tweeted.


He went on to condemn “Trump’s white nationalist agenda” and called Sam Adams founder Jim Koch a “complicit profiteer.”

Koch attended a dinner with other business leaders hosted by Trump. Koch, when asked to introduce himself, remarked about feeling out of place among large company owners and then thanked Trump for tax cuts, saying it has helped micro-breweries.

Curtatone responded to critics on Twitter saying, “Got some people insisting they’re going to make Sam Adams their beer of choice now because of something I tweeted. No, they won’t.”

Boston Beer Company (SAM) was trading at $289 per share at the time of this posting. The company’s brands include Samuel Adams, Twisted Tea, Angry Orchard, Truly Spiked & Sparkling brands, The Traveler Beer Company, Coney Island Brewing Company, Angel City Brewing Company and Concrete Beach Brewing Company.