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Queen is celebrating their 50th anniversary with “Queen – The Greatest”, a youtube series on their channel. Here’s the trailer.

Over the next 50 weeks, they will share a video each week of their 50 greatest moments. Episode 1 is up now “Keep Yourself Alive”, their first single from 1973. Brian May said “I wasn’t very sure that I was a songwriter, really, I just sort of had this idea, and strangely enough the lyrics for Keep Yourself Alive are meant to be kind of a comment, they’re meant to be slightly ironical. Everyone always did think that “Keep Yourself Alive” was just a jolly song about how great it is to be alive, but it’s actually more about asking the question ‘is there more to life than this?’ in a sense.”

Next week will feature a clip of “Killer Queen” from The Rainbow Concert in 1974. Make sure to check back each week.

— Doug O’Brien