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ROSEVILLE, Mich. – An 8-year-old Michigan girl was hospitalized after she attempted to imitate a magic trick she saw in a video on social networking app TikTok.

The girl reportedly watched a video in which a boy appeared to swallow a die, making it disappear. What he was actually doing was pushing the die deep into his cheeks or gums to create the illusion that it was no longer there when he opened his mouth.

The girl, named Dhakota, did not have a die and thought to use a quarter instead, WDIV reported. While practicing the trick in the bathroom, she accidentally swallowed the coin.

Dhakota’s father told WDIV she came to them and tried to explain what happened.

“She said she couldn’t swallow,” he told the news station. “She couldn’t breathe hardly and that’s when me and her mother started to panic.”

Dhakota’s parents rushed her to a hospital, but they couldn’t get help immediately. They took her to a second hospital where a doctor was able to see her.

“They immediately took her back,” Dhakota’s father said. “I didn’t know how bad the situation was until they brought the x-ray back, and I saw the quarter right there in her esophagus. It killed me, man.”

Doctors told him his daughter would need an emergency procedure, as the quarter was lodged sideways in her esophagus.

They completed the procedure and Dhakota was discharged from the hospital the next day, WDIV reported. She is sore but healing.

Her father now has a warning for other parents: “This could happen to any child. Everybody in the city, anybody in the world, they should delete that off their kid’s phone or their tablet because it’s dangerous, man. I could’ve lost my kid.”

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