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The country has been seeking relief in the outdoors as the coronavirus pandemic continues to force people to social distance and isolate themselves to limit the exposure to COVID-19.

With clocks changing soon and about half the country hunkering down for the cold winter months, so people are starting to plan their outdoor winter oasis.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says if you must gather, try to do so outside; but while this recommendation was fine during the heat of summer, once the temperatures drop and late fall and winter start to roll in, it may be too cold to do so.

People are looking to buy outdoor space heaters, patio heaters and fire pits to stay warm outside of the confines of home, reported.

But Quartz reported you may want to act sooner rather than later to find a patio heater.

Pete Arnold, president and CEO of AEI Corporation, said demand for outdoor heat lamps is double compared to other years.

Alfresco Heating saw a 135% increase this year.

Arnold told Quartz the umbrella-domed, propane-powered heaters will be very scarce, if they can be found at all, until after the first of the year.

Many of the heaters are back-ordered, The Washington Post reported.

When a shipment gets to a store, the heaters are already claimed.

Restaurant owner Anna Posey had ordered four heaters from a box store a few weeks ago for $140 each, but they were asked to wait for confirmation to pick them up. Eventually, the company Posey had intended to buy the heaters from canceled the order, Eater Chicago reported.

Derrick Tung told Eater Chicago the heaters he can find are four or five times the original price.

Similar experiences are happening in California and New York.

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There is a variety of patio heaters available if you can find them.

The New York Times tested mushroom-top propane towers, pyramid-style propane towers, electric heat lamps and tabletop heaters.

Click here to see the results.

No matter the model, make sure your patio is prepared for the heater. Look at the space and ceiling height, decide what fuel source you’ll use and figure out your budget, The Washington Post reported.

There are other options when you can’t find a patio heater.

You can get a fire pit, but remember that they’re just like a campfire and have to be safely extinguished, the Post reported.

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