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LUBBOCK, Texas – Amazon may want to consider vacuum-sealing certain products after a viral video captured a spirited porch theft pup-etrated in broad daylight.

Willy Mills shared video footage of the daring heist on the Nextdoor app, asking, “Whose Pooch Pirate is this?! Dog stole a 10 lb box of Milk Bone dog biscuits off my front porch that Amazon had just delivered,” KABB reported.

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In the video, the large dog can be seen struggling to drag away the huge box of treats and, ultimately, prevailing.

“It was on a mission!! Very determined,” one commenter wrote.

To be fair, Mills confirmed to KABB that the canine criminal violated only the dog biscuits, leaving the other recently delivered packages untouched.

“My dog Willy was excited about all the fuss till he learned it was his bones that were stolen,” Mills told the TV station.

It didn’t take the internet sleuths in Mills’ Nextdoor circle long, however, to unmask the brazen burglar as Kit-Kat, a female husky who busted out of her fenced-in yard about a quarter-of-a-mile away to plunder his porch.

Bekah Elder, Kit-Kat’s owner, told KABB that a recent storm damaged her fence and may have allowed the husky an escape route.

“I got a call that someone had picked her up near 70th and Chicago, and I went to meet them. She hopped in my van and I brought her home. She showed no signs of having eaten anything and happily ate her dinner that night. I had no idea of the thievery until I saw the video,” Elder said.