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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – One woman is behind bars after she allegedly vandalized an ATM with a golf club.

Tiffany Withers, 38, is charged with vandalism after her debit card got stuck in the ATM and she beat it with a golf club, according to an affidavit.

A security risk investigator found the ATM at the First Horizon Bank in the 3100 block of Mendenhall Rd. vandalized.

She said Withers vandalized the ATM with a golf club and then fled the scene in a gray, four-door vehicle, police said.

The investigator also told police that Withers was upset after her debit card got stuck in the ATM.

Withers damaged the touch screen and plastic housing to the machine, according to police.

The investigator received an estimate to repair the ATM of over $4,300.

There was video of the vandalism.

The investigator identified Withers as the person responsible for the vandalism Jan. 21 and Withers gave a verbal and written statement after waiving her Miranda rights, the affidavit stated.

She was then taken into custody, charged and transported to jail.

She was released and is due in court Friday.