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People have taken to social media to describe how their Roombas are acting “drunk”. The devices are spinning around, bumping into furniture, cleaning in strange patterns, getting stuck in an empty area, and not being able to return “home” to dock. Some people have noticed that the map of their room that Roombas store has been wiped out by the update. Here’s a time lapse video to illustrate the “drunk” Roomba.

According to iRobot, maker of the Roomba, they have confirmed that a recent software update has been causing the glitches. The i7 and s9 models are the Roombas being affected.

Good news – a new update is being developed to prevent any issues in the future.

Bad news – it could be a few weeks before the new update is rolled out.

In the meantime, you can either go old school and vacuum your floors yourself or you can get as “drunk” as your Roomba!…haha.

— Doug O’Brien