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President Joe Biden is expected to name Jeff Zients, who was an Obama administration official and Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution head, to succeed Ron Klain as the next White House chief of staff, several media outlets are reporting.

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Klain, who said he will retire in the coming weeks, suggested Zients be chosen as his successor, according to a story from CNN.

Who is Jeff Zients? Here’s what we know about Biden’s likely next chief of staff.

  • Zients – his name rhymes with “science” – is 56 years old.
  • He was chairman, chief executive officer and chief operating officer of the Advisory Board Company and chairman of the Corporate Executive Board. The companies are Washington-area consulting firms.
  • Zients was a top economic adviser to President Barack Obama.
  • He was the director of the National Economic Council and a senior official at the Office of Management and Budget.
  • He led the team that was to fix, the federal website for the Affordable Care Act. The website experienced significant technical difficulties in 2013.
  • He was on the board of Facebook Inc. after leaving the Obama administration.
  • He was a top executive with the investing holding company Cranemere Group.
  • Zients co-chaired Biden’s presidential transition team in 2020.
  • He oversaw the White House’s plan to increase the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • He was in the administration until last April. The Wall Street Journal reported that Zients left the administration, saying he had no specific job plans.
  • By the time he was 35, he ranked 25 on Fortune’s list of the richest Americans under age 40. He had an estimated worth of $149 million.
  • According to CNN, he was worth at least $89.3 million when his financial disclosures were made public in March 2021. That made him the wealthiest member of Biden’s Cabinet appointments.
  • He founded Portfolio Logic, an investment firm focused on health care and business services.
  • Klain asked Zients to prepare for staff departures following the 2022 midterm elections and help identify potential replacements.
  • Zients is expected to focus on policy and governing, according to the Journal.