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WESTPORT, Mass. – This 5-year-old knows how to shop. And when her mother saw the bill, she dropped.

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A Massachusetts girl ordered nearly $4,000 in merchandise when she borrowed her mother’s cellphone last week.

“There’s no feeling quite like checking my email to find Amazon shipment confirmations for the 10 motorcycles, a Jeep, and 10 pairs of cowboy boots my 5-year-old ordered,” Jessica Nunes wrote in a Facebook post.

Nunes was driving home when her daughter asked to borrow her cellphone, WJAR-TV reported. It was not an unusual request, since the child enjoyed playing games.

Then Nunes received an email the next day confirming her package orders.

What orders?

“I go on my Amazon order history to find that I, or somebody, had ordered 10 motorcycles, a Jeep and 10 pairs of cowgirl boots women’s size seven,” Nunes told the television station. “The bikes and the Jeep came out to about $3,180. The boots alone were about $600.”

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Nunes told “Today” that her credit card had been charged $3,922. Lila had ordered 10 children’s dirt bike motorcycles — in pink and blue — along with a two-seat Jeep. The size 7 boots totaled $743, according to “Today.”

“Ironically, that’s my shoe size,” Nunes said.

Nunes said she did not know how Lila was able to search for the items she wanted, but she was precocious enough to figure out the “Buy It Now” button on Amazon.

Lila said it was like child’s play.

“You just press the yellow button and you press the brown button,” she said.

But why 10 of the dirt bikes?

“Because I wanted one,” Lila told WJAR.

Nunes told the television station that she was able to cancel half of the dirt bike orders and the boots. But because Lila ordered from different sellers, the other five bikes had already left the warehouse because of the two-day shipping option.

Nunes said the motorcycles were non-refundable on the Amazon website, but was able to get a return label after several frantic emails, WJAR reported.

“FedEx is actually going to pick them up for me,” Nunes told the television station. “We still have a giant two-seat Jeep coming in as well that I couldn’t cancel the order but they are going to let me return it.”

Happily, all of the merchants are allowing Nunes to return the items, “Today” reported.

This was not the first time Lila had ordered from Amazon, the website reported. Nunes said her daughter placed an order last Christmas for lip gloss.

Lila told WJAR that she was “sad” that the motorcycles “were going away.”

But Nunes said that she explained to Lila that “things don’t just fall out of the sky.”

“She wants what she wants but, she knows that she needs to earn things like this and not just take it upon herself to charge the card,” Nunes told WJAR.

Nunes called Lila a free-spirited girl who earns treats and privileges through good behavior and doing chores. Lila was not punished, but she certainly got a lecture. Nunes could only shake her head.

“If there’s a will, there’s a way,” Nunes told “Today.” “And Lila found it.”

As for Nunes, a business owner who uses Amazon frequently, she will check her order history more diligently.

“It’s absolutely hilarious that she (placed an) order on such a grand scale,” Nunes told “Today.”