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Marc Gilpin, who, as a child actor starred in “Jaws 2” and several TV shows, died over the weekend, his family confirmed.

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He was 56.

Gilpin’s sister, actress Peri Gilpin who starred in “Frasier,” confirmed his death to The Hollywood Reporter.

According to People, Gilpin died in Dallas on Saturday from glioblastoma, an aggressive brain cancer.

Gilpin, who lived in Austin, Texas, also starred in the TV shows “CHiPs” and “Fantasy Island” when he was a child actor. He was in the movie “Surviving” with the late River Phoenix, according to IMDb.

He later became a software engineer and started a family.

“Marc is an amazingly strong man and he wants to continue the battle. So do I and our boys (Spencer and Presley),” Gilpin’s wife Kaki wrote in a social media post earlier this year addressing Gilpin’s fight against the disease.

“Any parent would be so proud of their kids if you could see how Spencer and Presley are living with this. Their kindness, quick to action, even quicker to forgive when we get snappy that they have displayed is incredible.”