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Users with blue checkmarks on Twitter, now known as X, can hide their verification marks if they want to.

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NBC News reported that subscribers can “choose to hide your checkmark on your account.” If the mark is hidden, it will be gone from a user’s profile and posts but will remain in some places.

Also, if the checkmark is hidden some features that would typically be available when the mark is turned on, may not be accessible.

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The blue checkmark is part of X’s subscription service, where users pay an $8 monthly fee to get the mark and access to other features. The mark is granted after X reviews the account to make sure it meets the company’s criteria.

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Government accounts have grey checkmarks to show they have been verified, while businesses and nonprofits have gold checks, NBC News reported.

Twitter Blue, now X Blue, has several other features to go along with the verified status, including being able to edit a post within an hour of making it, fewer ads, prioritized rankings, the ability to post 25,000 characters instead of being restricted by the normal 280 character limit and being able to post three-hour-long videos up to 8 gigabytes, Variety reported.

Users who want to hide their verified mark can go to the support page and visit the section that is called “hide your checkmark,” Forbes reported.