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SAN ANTONIO – Two dogs at a southern Texas animal shelter that were tabbed to be released to rescue organizations were accidentally euthanized, officials said.

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According to a Facebook post on Monday by the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services, holds had been placed on the dogs, named Babe and Bandito.

Instead, Babe was euthanized on Aug. 12, while Bandito was put down on Monday, KSAT-TV reported.

“These losses weigh heavily on our hearts, and we want to extend our sincerest apologies to the community to all those who share our passion for animal welfare,” the animal shelter wrote on Facebook. “As an organization, we are committed to learning from these unfortunate incidents.”

ACS Director Shannon Sims told KSAT on Tuesday that such incidents are “not a common occurrence.”

“ACS has a very strong realization that what we do from the rescue foster standpoint requires infallibility almost,” Sims said.

ACS is one of the largest open admission shelters in the country, according to KENS-TV. The organization takes in more than 25,000 animals annually.

Sims called the euthanization of the two animals a “communication breakdown,” KSAT reported. He said that the process of putting holds on animals for foster and rescue organizations takes place in a different part of the ACS campus from the euthanasia area.

Sims added that the specialist performing the procedure is supposed to review each animal’s file to be sure that there is not a hold in place, according to the television station.

“For both of these animals, that communication process broke down, you know,” Sims told KSAT. “And the word either didn’t get to the specialist, or the specialist didn’t clearly review the notes. That’s the part that we’re currently investigating.”

Bandito had been slated to be sent to Hunter’s Hope Dog Rescue and placed with a foster family, co-director Staci Walker told the television station.

But despite ACS confirming the hold, Walker said she got a call later saying they had euthanized the dog.

“Well, to be honest, I’m a realist, and things move very fast for them,” Walker told KSAT. “And as much as I’d like to be angry — because many times I am — I really just wanted to cry.”

It was unclear what group was supposed to take Babe.