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Lainey Wilson recently shared how she felt being a part of the tribute to The Judds and opened up about texting Wynonna.

Wilson said, “They were The Judds. I mean, they were the soundtrack of my childhood.”

She continued, “I remember going to my [grandmother’s] house. She’d pick me and my sister up to go eat, and we would crank up the Judds.”

She added, “It’s just crazy to think that I’m getting to honor them with Ms. Dolly Parton — who’s also a huge influence of mine. And, it’s kind of crazy how both of those worlds collided and the stars aligned for me to be able to do a song [‘Mama He’s Crazy’] with Dolly for The Judds.”

She continued about being excited that Wynonna still texts her, “and [Wynonna] videoed it and said, ‘my girl!’ or something like that. I played it to my boyfriend right there next to me. I said, ‘Can you believe Wynonna Judd just texted me a song of mine on the radio?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, well, get used to it.'”