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PRATT, Kan. – Four hundred and thirty Kansas families are breathing a little easier after two mystery donors paid off nearly $100,000 in medical bills at a Pratt medical facility.

Pratt Regional Medical Center confirmed that the anonymous donations totaled more than $95,000 and primarily covered patients’ bills of $300 or less, KSNW reported.

Britt Oller, a mail carrier in Pratt, told the TV station that she noticed an unusual number of matching deliveries on Tuesday, urging recipients to “open immediately for records.”

Oller was even more surprised when she got home to find she had, herself, received the cryptic correspondence.

“The letter, it said you have been chosen by an anonymous donor, and we have paid off your hospital bills,” Oller told KSNW, noting $250 of her total medical debt to the facility had been paid.

Luke Kumberg, Pratt Regional’s director of patient financial services, told the TV station that the lion’s share of the gift came from one donor, but the combined gift will help so many patients in need.

“Charity starts from the heart, and this donor must have an enormously large heart,” Kumberg added.

Meanwhile, Andie Dean, the hospital’s communications specialist, told the Dodge City Daily Globe that the primary donor asked specifically how to best direct the contribution to patients in need “rather than contribute to a fundraising campaign or assist with the purchase of capital equipment.”

In turn, the donor met with Pratt Regional Chief Financial Officer Alan Waites, and the pair decided to target two specific groups with the donation, the newspaper reported.

The first group included more than 400 families and paid off nearly $52,500 in balances of up to $300 each after all insurance payments had been paid. The balance of more than $42,000 was directed to roughly 30 families who had been making regular monthly payments for years, some as far back as 2002, the Daily Globe reported.

“With all the struggles we’ve all been through this past year, it’s great to have some good news to share,” Waites told the newspaper. “The amazing generosity of these two donors for the direct benefit of our patients will be a tremendous blessing for the recipients, and for the PRMC community as a whole.”

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