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PARKVILLE, Mo. – A family says their dog, which was left home alone, accidentally started a fire that destroyed their Missouri home.

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Security cameras inside the family’s home recorded video showing a dog standing on its hind legs and sniffing around the stovetop. Seconds later, when the dog steps away, a faint glow is visible on the stove, indicating it has been turned on.

The cooktop has touch controls, which allowed the dog’s paw to turn on a burner, WDAF reported.

A second video from inside the house shows smoke collecting and finally, a flash of flames as grease left in a pan on the stove ignites, according to an email from the Southern Platte Fire Protection District.

SPFPD shared the videos from the homeowners, telling WDAF that the homeowners want others to know about the dangers of appliances with touch controls.

“New appliances are being seen with touch controls that activate by the simple touch of a finger,” SPFPD Division Chief Chris Denney said in an email. “An animal’s law can also activate these types of controls. Please use built-in safeties, if available, when not in use and accessible by children and/or animals.”

Video shows family pet starting fire on home’s stovetop

A dog left home alone is blamed for starting the fire with its paw.

Denney said in an email that there were two dogs inside the home when the fire started, but both were rescued after neighbors saw smoke and called 911.