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Where can I buy tickets to a show?

Tickets are available online by clicking here.

You can also purchase tickets in person at the Box Office or Retail Store. Tickets can be purchased in the Retail Store Monday-Friday: 11:00am-9:00pm.

Box Office usually opens 1 hour prior to door times.

On show nights, Box Office will stay open later.

How is the music hall set up?

The Music Hall is General Admission Standing Room Only. We are built for dancing and rocking out! That means there is no seat to go along with your ticket despite those pesky little numbers that may be printed on it.

For those of you looking to upgrade your experience, we do have some VIP Seating options including balcony seating & VIP upgrades for table seating on the main floor.

Can I re-enter the show?

No, there is no re-entry. But why would you want to leave? The show will be great!!

I forgot to print my tickets, can you scan them from my phone?

Yes, it’s 2017! Make sure you have a full charge when you leave the house!!

What is not allowed to enter the venue?

No guns, knives, weapons, pepper spray, projectiles of any kind, or any other item that could be used to inflict harm.

Replicas of any type of weapon are NOT permitted

No drugs, drug paraphernalia or illegal substances of any kind 

No outside food or drinks

No personal video cameras, Go-Pros, selfie sticks, drones, masks or laser pointers.

No professional audio, video, or audio recording equipment – (including detachable lenses, tripods, zooms or commercial use rigs)

No unsealed liquids or gels of any kind

No jewelry or clothing that could inflict harm

No large bags over (10” x 10”), backpacks, Camelbacks or Bota bags

No stuffed animals or toys of any kind This list of prohibited items is subject to change at the discretion of venue management. Please click here for more details.

Where do I park?

Valet service is available at the venue.

Additionally, you can take advantage of services provided by Parkwhiz. Just download the app and follow the instruction.

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