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These kids today started a discussion on Redditt about things that we say that prove we are officially old! For example:

1.  “It’s 8:30 at night . . . little late to start a movie.”

2.  “Is this print smaller than normal?” while holding the prescription bottle as far away as possible.

3.  Referring to people in their early 20s as “kids.”

4.  “Why is the music so loud in here?” (Or the opposite – I have to turn the music up because I’m losing my hearing.)

5.  Asking how old your doctor is or referring to him/her as “Dougie Howser”.

6.  You’re at Home Depot and say something like, “Oh yeah, that’s quality lumber.”

7.  “When I was a kid…(we only had 3 tv channels, I WAS the remote control, we WANTED to go outside, etc.)”

8.  “Oh, babe . . . check out these New Balances.”

9.  “They don’t make things like they used to.”

10.  “No thanks, I can’t have caffeine this late in the day.  I’ll never fall asleep.”


What are some things you’ve said or heard that means you’re officially old?

— Doug O’Brien