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Luke Combs is about to become a father, and is really excited. So excited, he’s teamed up with Miller Lite to launch the Miller Lite Beer Registry for soon-to-be-fathers!

You can gift a soon-to-be dad different packs from the registry:

  • It’s a Girl! 6 Pack
  • The Long Weekend 12 Pack
  • It’s a Boy! 6 Pack
  • Golf Bag Essentials – 9 Pints
  • Twins
  • Fatherly Advice Case
  • Oh Baby! 6 Pack
  • The Dad Bod 30 Pack

I’ve always embraced life’s biggest moments with my friends and family over a Miller Lite. In fact, I share one every night with my fans on stage. As a soon-to-be dad, which might be the single greatest moment of my life next to marrying my best friend, I’m ready to celebrate!

The registry also includes “Beer Bonds”, certificates that take 21 years before they can be redeemed.

The Bonds are gifts of Miller Time in the future.