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GREENE COUNTY, Pa. – A 911 dispatcher has been charged after prosecutors said he refused to send an ambulance to a woman who was severely ill.

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The Greene County District Attorney’s Office told WPXI that Leon Price was charged with involuntary manslaughter, recklessly endangering another person, official oppression and obstructing the administration of law or other government function.

Diania Kronk passed away in 2020, after her daughter, Kelly Titchenell, called 911 and asked for an ambulance to be sent to her mother, WPXI reported.

In a recording of the 911 call, an operator, identified by police as Price, responded to Titchenell’s request for an ambulance by asking if she was “willing to go” to a hospital approximately half an hour away from her rural home, The Associated Press reported. Price said he would send an ambulance, but said, “we really need to make sure she’s willing to go.”

When Titchenell and her children arrived at the house, she found her mother nude on the front porch and talking incoherently, the AP reported.

“According to the investigation, (Kronk) was denied medical services when all three ambulances were available for dispatch,” District Attorney David Russo told WPXI. Prosecutors said Kronk’s death was a “direct result” of a 911 policy violation.

“This is unheard of, to me. I mean, they’ll send an ambulance for anything,” Titchenell told the AP. “And here I am telling this guy that my mom’s going to die. It’s like, her death, and she doesn’t get an ambulance.”

Russo told the AP that he is also investigating whether there was any inappropriate policy or training that would have resulted in dispatchers refusing services to callers.

Titchenell has also filed a lawsuit against Price in federal court, accusing him of “callous refusal of public emergency medical services,” the AP reported. In the lawsuit, Titchenell said that she told Price that her mother was jaundiced, incoherent and bleeding, and that Titchenell had to watch her mother die a slow death because no ambulance was sent, WPXI reported.

Kronk died at 56 years old, within 24 hours of Price’s failure to send an ambulance, WPXI reported.