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NASA announced Thursday that it had found water vapor in the atmosphere of a recently discovered planet.

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The planet, TOI-674 b, is described by NASA as larger than Neptune and orbits a star about 150 light-years away, which makes it an exoplanet.

The exoplanet is a gas giant and closely orbits its star, so it is not believed to be a habitable place that could support life, NBC News reported.

Jonathan Brande, who led the research, told NBC News, “This planet is a little bigger than our Neptune, but it’s very, very different. So the question is: How did this planet form and get to where it is now, and how did our Neptune form and get to where it is?” Scientists hope that by studying this new exoplanet they will be able to learn more about Neptune as well.

This is not the first time water vapor has been found on an exoplanet. In 2019, NASA’s Hubble telescope found water vapor on an exoplanet called K2-18b, which also was seen to have temperatures which could sustain liquid water.