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Drivers in Arizona – and shock rock fans across the state – are celebrating a new license plate design featuring Alice Cooper’s image.

Consequence was the first to report on the new design. According to Yahoo! Entertainment’s Spencer Kaufman, a portion of the the license plate fees are going to charitable causes. “In the case of the Cooper plate, the proceeds benefit the music icon’s Solid Rock Teen Centers,” Kaufman adds.

In a statement from the Arizona Department of Transportation, Cooper said, “Arizona is known for great sunsets, cactus, the best Mexican food, monsoons and, now, an Alice Cooper specialty license plate. More importantly, this specialty plate will assist Solid Rock Teen Centers in providing free music, art and dance programs to all Arizona teenagers.

“We hope that many of my fellow Arizona neighbors will get this specialty plate for their cars and motorcycles to support teens in Arizona.”

The specialty license plate costs $25, Yahoo! reports, with $17 going to Cooper’s designated charity. “Over the past year, specialty license plates have helped raise $12 million for charitable causes in Arizona,” Kaufman adds.

Cooper is scheduled to start a summer tour soon to promote his upcoming album ‘Road’, due August 25.

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