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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Police in Nashville made a shocking discovery — the remains of a woman who had died at least two years ago, lying in a bed in an apartment she had shared with her four adult children.

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The woman, identified as Laronda Jolly, 56, was found last week as investigators served an eviction notice, WKRN reported.

Anthony Jolly, the woman’s brother, said that the only thing left of his sister was her bones.

She was found on her bed, under a pile of clothes, WSMV reported.

One of her children told police that their mother had been dead since 2018, WTVF reported, but Laronda Jolly could have been dead longer, other media outlets reported.

“I called my niece, and I asked her how long had my sister been deceased and when she said since early 2017, I was shocked,” Jolly told WKRN.

“My niece said, ‘Yes my momma’s body is upstairs in the bed.’ They went up, removed some clothing and uncovered a foot. And that’s when they told everybody back out,” Jolly told WSMV.

All of the woman’s children are intellectually disabled, WTVF reported.

Jolly said that he and his sister were not close but he did check in on her from time to time, WKRN reported. Every time he would try to talk to his sister, her children would tell him she was sleeping, WSMV reported.

The cause of Laronda Jolly’s death has not been discovered, but her remains had been sent for an autopsy, which found no trauma or signs of foul play, WTVF reported.

The Nashville Inner City Ministry is trying to find a place for the woman’s children to live.

They were taken to a hotel for a few nights, and Adult Protective Services is trying to help find a caretaker for them, WSMV reported.