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COMMERCE CITY, Colo. – A Denver man was in the right place at the right time when he saw a kitten in need at an area tire shop.

According to the Dumb Friends League, a Denver-based animal shelter, the unidentified man saw the cat stuck to a wheel of a semitrailer. The kitten’s tail and paws were frozen against the metal, holding it in place.

“Without intervention from the compassionate stranger, it is unlikely this kitten would have survived the night,” a representative from the shelter told KDVR.

The man who saved the kitten told the shelter he freed the kitten by bringing a container of warm water to the area underneath the truck. For 20 minutes he splashed her paws and tail until the water loosened up the ice enough for her to wiggle out.

Once free, he wrapped her in a blanket and brought her to the shelter, where she was seen by a vet.

The 5-week-old feline can’t be adopted for another three weeks, but the man who saved her already told the shelter he’s interested, KDVR reported.

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